Racing at Midwinter Sailing Championship Becomes Difficult


Strong winds forced to allow only one race at the Star Midwinter Sailing Championship on the very first day. There was no chance of allowing any race because of the 30-knot speed of the winds on the fleet onshore. Attempts must be taken for all the three races on the next day for the Star Midwinter Sailing Championship. All the 41 teams will have to participate in the three races. Midwinter racing will continue till 12th January. The winner from the January 9th to 10th races will be awarded the Walker Cup. Results for both the events will be declared as two of the final stages for the Winter Series 2019-2020.

The schedule for the 2019-2020 Winter Series for sailing races has already been declared. The Schoonmaker Cup will be held from 9th to 10th November. The Commodore’s Cup will take place from 7th to 8th December. The dates for the Walker Cup have been decided as 9th to 10th January and for the Star Midwinters from 9th to 12th of the same month. Out of 41 teams, the top 10 have been decided from the very first race. Jørgen Schönherr along with Markus Koy with their African Queen is in the first place. Stella, owned by John MacCausland and Arnis Baltins has secured the second position. Johan Tillander and Tom Lofstedt, both from Sweden have secured third place.

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Maritime Heritage Festival of Sail at Duluth

Celebrations are on for Duluth to mark its maritime heritage for the fifth time. Rare views of tall-masted ships are already being seen by Duluth that are hanging in and sailing out of the harbor. It is highlighting some of the local schooners as well. The maritime heritage celebrations for Duluth will start from August 11 and go on till August 13. This year the festival of the sail will also highlight a heroic ship which is connected to the Twin Ports from the time it was born 75 years ago. It is heard that the festival of ship at Duluth that sees a series of tall ships started in the year 2008.

It was also repeated in the years 2010, 2013, and also in 2016. All of the festivals including the first one were organized by Craig Samborski. He is from Draw Events. More than 300,000 visitors were attracted to this event when it happened back in the year 2016. Visitors from other regions and local people also watched the ships for more than three days.

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How Sailing Explores Life?

Sailing improves Just one of those life exercises that occasionally you don’t have the foggiest idea what you don’t have a clue. However, more than basically moving outside my customary range of familiarity, the entire experience gave everybody something I wasn’t generally anticipating. Some of which are, Confidence-Sailing, more than everything else I’ve done as a grown-up, has extended my “I can do this” conviction past the arrangement of things I had recently used to characterize my capacities and worth. It has constructed an “I need to attempt regardless of whether I battle” outlook that wasn’t there previously.

It’s hard not to envision how things may have been extraordinary on the off chance that I’d been outfitted with that learning from the beginning. This is the reason I am sure that when you sign your little girl in the mood for sailing exercises or sailing camp, you are giving her far beyond a fun summer outside.

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Resident Of Mississauga To Be The Participant In International Sailing Competition

In a world full of opportunities everyone wants to make the most out of it and in order to do so a person can go to any extent and his efforts are in the direction in need of some fame. And it is the utmost priority of almost every individual to be well-known and an established person. Representing our city or town is everyone’s dream but representing his/her country is like getting an ice on the cake. And that is what happened with a guy named Dylan Scott from Mississauga who competed in an international sailing regatta which and represented his country Canada. The event took place in China from 8-12 November. The Canadians competed with the some of the best professional sailors from world comprising of former America’s Cup Champions and players from New Zealand, Australia, Russia, and the Philippines.

The four-day event witnessed around one hundred and twelve boats in various categories and Dylan was chosen by the Canadian skipper Mike Evans who is a five-team veteran sailor of the China Cup and Dylan competed in the Beneteau championship class (40.7). Although the Canadian team secured the 19th spot among 24 teams Scott expressed his happiness and pleasure as they were competing against some of the world players and they were nothing more than an amateur.

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Youth Racing Revive By Andrew Nelson

The Sailing Director Andrew Nelson in Redmond, Washington Sailing Foundation has given success for regular racing in the Pacific Northwest.

In 2014, he started managing the NWYRC (Northwest Youth Racing circuit) which has seven summer regattas in Washington and Oregon. Many regattas attend and fleet sizes were in single digits. Nelson noticed that two or three teams were regularly participating. He called upon talented sailors like U.S. Olympian Helena Scutt and U.S. Singlehanded Champions Hanne Weaver and Derick Vranizan. These sailors went to receive the success at the national and international level. By 2014, NWYRC has doubled his team total size is 620 sailors. Those who race regularly in the fleet were top ten finishers from the championships, but there is a lot of work to do in our champion.

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Progress Of Volvo Ocean Race In Leg 4

Those who are part of the Volvo Ocean Race are currently on Leg 4 of the competition. They need to cover 200 miles which will ease down the winds significantly and help them approach their upcoming destination, Solomon Islands. As on Saturday they were facing wind conditions of 15 knots. Most of the fleet is now racing in a north direction. By Sunday they were in windy conditions where the speed of the wind had fallen to 10 knots.

For the trailing boats it gives them an opportunity to catch up with the leading ones. The leaders on the other hand would be working hard to get over the light patch. The two teams AkzoNobel and Dongfeng are in front currently and they are working hard to keep up their respective positions. As the wind conditions have converted the race to a drag one, they now have to contend with the wind conditions bringing the competitors close to their back. Dongfeng continues in the lead and AkzoNobel as well as MAPFRE is in close pursuit. The split of the east and west part of the fleet is also narrowing down and the teams now have to risk facing the doldrums that are coming up.

The boats are also taking on a cautious approach as they go around reefs in the Coral Sea. Hence, the next few days the boats would need to be cautious as they battle low wind conditions as well as isolated reefs. Even when they reach Solomon Islands and leave this port, the hazard would still remain. Hence, the fleet would become compressed more, and hence the fleet would have to be on their toes now as they get ready to experience the trade winds in the upcoming days as they continue in their journey north.

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Sailing Saw A Mixed Results During The Busy Weekend

The team of Harvard sailing saw the unpredictable weather in four regattas, which held in the past weekend and emerged with overall mixed results.

The Crimson divided four events across the Northeast, keeping Harvard Invitational at home, the Regis Bowl, organized by Boston University, the George Warren Smith Trophy at MIT,  and the fourth one the Rogers Trophy at Cornell. Wind and Rain played havoc over the course during the initial two-day of regattas.

The Harvard Invitational was the second sailing team home regatta of the fall. In the race, Harvard took fifth position by a wide margin, but turned in short with 16 points Brown in fourth. At the end, the Crimson edged out Emmanuel College and Bates College, amongst others.

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