Update From Para World Sailing

World Sailing in the monthly report of February updates the outline of the Para World Sailing future.

Equipment Para World Sailing
The Weta Trimaran, Hansa 303 and 2.4 Norlin One Design have been proposed to provide equipment for the Para World Sailing, this will help World Sailing to deliver a strategic plan for the Para World Sailing.

According to the part of the Strategic Plan the equipment should meet these objectives:

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Dongfeng Team Gets Renewed Volvo Ocean 65

Dongfeng team became the first race team to take delivery of their Volvo Ocean 65 boats after the re-fit process. There are only 250 odd days left to begin the Volvo Ocean Race.

With the delivery of the boat, the formal campaign of the Chinese team started.  The vessel went through one million Euros worth re-fit process which took about 15 weeks. The renewed boat now has a better color scheme, upgraded kits with more than 500 items across sails, electronics, deck gear and new navigation and media station.

The paint and commissioning manager at the boatyard Neil Cox informed that the boat was under sea trial for two days and everything has gone well and it took a mammoth effort from 25-30 people to complete the refitting work.

It took 3,500 man hours by the boatyard team to complete the boat building, electronics, rigging, and sails job and to strip it and to put back in shape.  The painting and branding job took another 2,500 man hours and the result is visible in every part of the boat from the deck, masts, hull, rudders and keel and dagger boards. The boat now has a brand new appearance.

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Clipper Race Trainings On

Those who have heard of the Clipper race will realize that it is a unique opportunity for non sailing people to be part of a race that takes you round the world.

For that reason, many people from different streams sign up for it. The competition criteria do not require you to have any prior sailing experience and only certain health aspects need to be met before you can sign up for training for such a race. Those who decide to be part of the race can choose to be part of the race till certain stages as well as be part of the circumnavigation as well.

For many, this unique sailing challenge is an opportunity for a lifetime and hence, it makes sense that many people decide to opt for the circumnavigation course. This course covers the world and one would get to sail past historic places like Cape Town or Rio. These are destinations to visit and what many people dream about.

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Cannes Yachting 2016

Each and every year Cannes Yachting Festival is celebrated with Gusto. It is considered to be one of the most famous and premier boat shows all over the world. Participants from all over the world take part to represent their own countries. The one that performs the best is the winner of the match.

Similarly, this year HIPYARDS all around the world are at their wits ends for organizing the Cannes Yachting Festival 2016. It may take place in the month of September where some of the latest developments in all styles of boating will be on display. You will get to know about some of the latest boating styles and easy to follow tricks.

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Melbourne Set for Sailing World Cup Finals

The Sailing World Cup finals to be held in Melbourne in the month of December have got the authorities offering positions for entries. The offers have been made to the top 20 who are ranked as per their performance in the Olympics.

With such invitations there have come in several entries from countries all over the world like Great Britain, Italy, Greece, Italy, Spain, Turkey and other places like Denmark.

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Yacht Comanche wins Australia’s top ocean race

Comanche, an entry by the New York Yacht Club, has been announced as the winner of the seventy-first Sydney to Hobart yacht meet in Australia. The hundred-foot long super maxi finished the six-hundred-thirty nautical mile open ocean path in 2 days, 8 hours, 58 minutes, and thirty seconds. Fellow United States entry Rambler 88 came in 3rd over the line.

Comanche is the very first international line honors champ in the yearly event since the year 2009 and the 1st American boat to be first across the line since Sayonara, owned by Larry Ellison, in the year 1998. She is owned by Jim Clark, the Texas billionaire, who is popular as Netscape co-founder.

Speaking to a leading news channel, Mr Clark said that he had faith in his crew could pull through the tough race following an early damage to a rudder blade which almost made the yacht’s withdrawal on the 1st night.

He added that as soon as he heard that they were going to keep going, he knew that this racing crew would not stop till they finish. Ken Read, the skipper, stated that his crew was pushed to the limit. It was really a hard race and the guys have really pushed hard.

He has sailed around the world two and a half times and he thought that he had seen it all. He added that God bless those who did this something like twenty-five times – either they are the hardest or the dumbest people earth.

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