Clipper Race Trainings On

Those who have heard of the Clipper race will realize that it is a unique opportunity for non sailing people to be part of a race that takes you round the world.

For that reason, many people from different streams sign up for it. The competition criteria do not require you to have any prior sailing experience and only certain health aspects need to be met before you can sign up for training for such a race. Those who decide to be part of the race can choose to be part of the race till certain stages as well as be part of the circumnavigation as well.

For many, this unique sailing challenge is an opportunity for a lifetime and hence, it makes sense that many people decide to opt for the circumnavigation course. This course covers the world and one would get to sail past historic places like Cape Town or Rio. These are destinations to visit and what many people dream about.

To be able to sail to such ports and visit they would certainly entice many to sign up for the circumnavigation course of this race. Of course, such a level of race requires participants to undergo rigorous training. Level Three training for such a race includes learning to hoist as well as trim the sails. It also involves learning to work with a team as such a race cannot be achieved without a team collaboration effort. The other part of the training includes knowing how to retrieve a man who goes overboard. The training team guides people on how to slow down the boat, dropping the kite and getting the person back within record time. All such training requirements are crucial and need to be taken up by all who wish to successfully master the course and be ready for the race ahead.

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