Dickinson Grabs Fifth Comet Race Title

Stevie Dickinson from East End Mini Yacht Club along with crew Pat Young took the fifth straight Long Distance Comet Race Title.

This is the 20th overall win made by Dickinson. The second place was taken by Gladwin Lambert and crew Stefan Maybury.

The race started with 14 boats in a perfect sailing environment at the West End Sailboat Club in Melody. Dickinson with his experience took off the title from Gladwin Lambert and Stefan Maybury with the boat “Kitty Hawk”.

The couple from New Jersey Talbot Ingram and Lee Ingram secured third place and Joe Lauver and wife Tina Lauver, of Hansbury, Pennsylvania, landed fourth. The top five was completed by Quinton Simons and crew Greg Proctor.

The race was started 40 minutes ahead of the schedule at 10:20 am to avoid the clash with J Class racing which started at 11.30 am on North Shore. Lambert, the local Comet President, clarified that the adjustment was made so that people could watch both the races. He added that they are happy that they made the change and they may stick on with the 10:30 start.

Dickinson felt that the conditions were appropriate for him and used his experience and skill to make the 20th title. Till Spanish point, Dickinson was leading and then Talbot and Gladwin went past Kitty Hawk. Dickinson recaptured the lead at Crawl as the wind was moving east and he decided to stay on the shore.

Dickinson said that when they reached Catherine’s Point he managed to get a decent lead and all that he had to do was keeping the boat going and to reach the harbor in a relaxed way.

Even though Dickinson has a good number of wins to his credit as the skipper, he is planning to step back from the role and wants to continue just as a crew.