Melbourne Set for Sailing World Cup Finals

The Sailing World Cup finals to be held in Melbourne in the month of December have got the authorities offering positions for entries. The offers have been made to the top 20 who are ranked as per their performance in the Olympics.

With such invitations there have come in several entries from countries all over the world like Great Britain, Italy, Greece, Italy, Spain, Turkey and other places like Denmark.

The event organizers are Sailing World Cup Melbourne and World Sailing. They have extended their invitations to Norlin OD as well as Olympic sailors. These people are expected to head for Port Phillip in the month of December.

The winning amount is $200,000 in AUD. There are several remaining places in the fleets to be filled for which entries are still being considered. The requests that are coming in would be reviewed after collections are complete by this month. Invitations would then be sent out. The fleets would consist of 20 boats in every category and competitors can secure a position for the same by paying the entry fee that is applicable. There might be more requests coming in than places that are available.

In these cases, invitations would be offered to world ranking sailors who have moved up the ranks. These sailors would then have 48 hours to cough up the entry fee or else the next skipper would be considered. This is the unique selection process for the Sailing World Cup. Those who are expecting medals in the upcoming Olympic Games are already looking forward to the climax event in the Southern Hemisphere.

Many feel that the finale event of the year in Melbourne is a great way to end a year in competitive sailing. Those who have participated before feel that this regatta event holds great potential.

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