Youth Racing Revive By Andrew Nelson

The Sailing Director Andrew Nelson in Redmond, Washington Sailing Foundation has given success for regular racing in the Pacific Northwest.

In 2014, he started managing the NWYRC (Northwest Youth Racing circuit) which has seven summer regattas in Washington and Oregon. Many regattas attend and fleet sizes were in single digits. Nelson noticed that two or three teams were regularly participating. He called upon talented sailors like U.S. Olympian Helena Scutt and U.S. Singlehanded Champions Hanne Weaver and Derick Vranizan. These sailors went to receive the success at the national and international level. By 2014, NWYRC has doubled his team total size is 620 sailors. Those who race regularly in the fleet were top ten finishers from the championships, but there is a lot of work to do in our champion.

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