Update From Para World Sailing

World Sailing in the monthly report of February updates the outline of the Para World Sailing future.

Equipment Para World Sailing
The Weta Trimaran, Hansa 303 and 2.4 Norlin One Design have been proposed to provide equipment for the Para World Sailing, this will help World Sailing to deliver a strategic plan for the Para World Sailing.

According to the part of the Strategic Plan the equipment should meet these objectives:

  • Provides almost equal opportunities of competition for various types of disability.
  • Encourage participation of female in the para-sailing.
  • Encourage more participation of new sailors as well as youth.
  • Should have the lowest price for purchase.
  • The equipment should be distributed all over the world.
  • Should supply the used boats.
  • They should be able to transport the equipment.
  • Should enables programs with minimal infrastructure.
  • Promote new format for the competition that are spectator and friendly media.
  • Should encourage fast paced and modern stadium style racing.

The Para World Sailing Championships (PWSC) of 2017 and other events that have been selected in the year 2017, including a flotilla event in conjunction with Croatia Yacht Charter, and in the early 2018 will act as a platform to test boats for various disciplines. Also, for making of adjustments to the systems of classification that will refine the Paralympic sailing proposal. According to proposal these disciplines will be included in the Para World Championships of 2017

  • (Norlin 2.4 OD) One Person Keelboat – Open.
  • (Hansa 303) One Person Keelboat– Female.
  • (Hansa 303) One Person Keelboat– Male.
  • (Weta) Two Person Multihull– Mixed.
  • (SKUD 18) Two Person Keelboat– (International Championship) Open.
  • (Sonar) Three Person Keelboat– (International Championship) Open.

Para World Sailing equipment review will be done by the World Sailing and the authority will continue doing so before taking the final decision with regards to its proposal. More information about it can be collected from WS website.

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